Dear Vodka.

A little snack time nod to my dear friend Vodka.

A shocking trend is occurring across the country. Vodka bottles are being banished off shelves and forced to live lonely lives in dusty storerooms and steak houses across the country. Long gone are the days of colorful Absolute advertisements, Cosmopolitans and the race for the purest, cleanest and most distilled spirit.

In the era of handle bar moustaches = mixologist, vodka, my friend, has been sidelined. So I give you a small collection of cocktails that bring me back to when vodka was king. The 90’s.

Jane’s Daily. Vodka/Lemon Shrub/Earl Grey Simple Syrup

Lucy’s Lunch. Vodka/Celery/Tomatillo/Jalapeno/Basil/White Balsamic

Hydration. Vodka/Vivreau Water/ LemonGrass

creative by The Plaid Penguin