Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone who helped make our first couple of months such a huge success! It is truly an honor to be embraced by the Queen City.   I could not have anticipated the out pouring of support and love from our guests, neighbors, farmers and the independent restaurant community. Charlotte truly feels like home.

For those of you that have followed us from conception, I genuinely appreciate your patience and hope the wait was well worth it. It took about ten months from inspiration to brick and mortar. It was the longest ten months of my life. No one can prepare you for the stress and frustration of building a restaurant from scratch! Between delays in permitting and personnel changes the road was bumpy at times, but in the end I have a gorgeous restaurant with a staff and menu I am very proud of. J

Like all new businesses, we faced our share of hurdles in our opening months. Thankfully, as a team, we have been able to iron out many of the initial kinks we faced and are finding efficient and successful solutions making littleSpoon a better place to work and dine.

I am very excited about what we have planned for the coming months! As we grow and find our rhythm for success, expect exciting menu changes and fun events!

October sees the launch of our first round of ‘libation celebrations’ and several dinner events.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for dates and details!


October Cocktails promise a smooth introduction to the glory of tequila and a respectful nod to our old friend vodka.

As a So-Cal ex pat, tequila runs in my blood. It is the cure all for whatever ails you. Have a cold? Drink some tequila. Your relationship is over? Drink some tequila. New job? Drink some tequila. You get the picture. It becomes a part of you. And there is A LOT of it.

I am not talking about the one-night-stand with Jose that left you feeling lonely with only Montezuma’s revenge as a reminder. The range in flavor profile and quality available to those who live in ‘non-control states’ can be overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. It’s heavenly really.

Tequila is distilled from blue agave mash. Its history predates the 16th century Mexico, with early incarnations distilled by the Aztec Indians. As the Spanish conquistadors ran low on their brandy supply, they began distilling blue agave mash to wet their whistle…which begins the journey of the tequila we know and love now.

This month’s tequila cocktails promise to usher in a new love and appreciation for the delicious agave nectar.

Gently presenting tequila in new, but familiar cocktails, promise a rekindling of a perhaps once sour relationship. J


El burro. Jalapeño infused tequila/Cilantro/Ginger Beer/Lime.

Paloma. Tequila/Aperol/Grapefruit Soda/Chili Salt/Mint.

Rueditas. Tequila/Jack Rudy Tonic/Soda/Lime.


Dear Vodka.

A little snack time nod to my dear friend Vodka.

A shocking trend is occurring across the country. Vodka bottles are being banished off shelves and forced to live lonely lives in dusty storerooms and steak houses across the country. Long gone are the days of colorful Absolute advertisements, Cosmopolitans and the race for the purest, cleanest and most distilled spirit.

In the era of handle bar moustaches = mixologist, vodka, my friend, has been sidelined. So I give you a small collection of cocktails that bring me back to when vodka was king. The 90’s.

Jane’s Daily. Vodka/Lemon Shrub/Earl Grey Simple Syrup

Lucy’s Lunch. Vodka/Celery/Tomatillo/Jalapeno/Basil/White Balsamic

Hydration. Vodka/Vivreau Water/ LemonGrass

creative by The Plaid Penguin